Who We Are

AutoGuide Mission and Vision

The AutoGuide team—at every level of the company—is committed to exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. In addition to an unwavering dedication to providing superior customer service, the AutoGuide mission is to be a worldwide leader in developing and marketing Mobile Robots that utilize advanced technologies, feature low-cost designs and deliver a broad range of efficiency improvements to material handling applications.

Mobile Robots Kentucky Location

AutoGuide Values

While many companies have discovered the efficiency and safety benefits of Mobile Robots, there are still many more that have not. AutoGuide places great importance on designing and developing technological innovations that make our products affordable, available and adaptable to as many facilities as possible.

By investing in technical advancements to enhance manufacturing processes at our Georgetown, Kentucky facility—and by continuously expanding one of the world’s leading Mobile Robot research and design groups—AutoGuide will continue to create autonomous vehicles that meet the needs of customers today and well into the future.

Mobile Robots Kentucky Location

AutoGuide + Heartland Automation = Innovation

Together AutoGuide and Heartland Automation provide manufacturing and material handling solutions to a world on the move. We recognize that companies must gain a competitive edge in their marketplace to compete globally. Frequently, automating operations wherever possible contributes significantly to achieving that goal. With a shared commitment to customer service, continuous product development and creative engineering solutions, we at the Heartland family of companies will continue to place customers’ businesses at the forefront of automation technology and lean manufacturing.