Traffic Management Software

Manage, monitor, and track your mobile robot system with our leading-edge SurePath traffic control software. SurePath communicates to each vehicle via a wireless Ethernet connection and provides graphic displays of all AMRs and their current status-mapped to your floor plan-in real time. Two versions of SurePath are available to meet your needs.

Select Your Software

Working with the AVINU 2.0 traffic control software

SurePath 2.0

Want to interface with PLCs? SurePath 2.0 is Windows C++ based and will fit your needs perfectly!

SurePath 3.0

SurePath 3.0

Looking to integrate with other software and automated equipment? SurePath 3.0 manages the movement of any automated equipment regardless of manufacturer.

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AutoGuide’s SurePath traffic control system is helping hundreds of companies monitor and manage their AMR systems. Contact us to find out how SurePath can help improve your business.