CHELMSFORD, MA - April 1, 2019

AutoGuide Mobile Robots to Debut their new Max N10 Pallet Stacker at Promat 2019

Max N10 Pallet Stacker features Autonomous Pallet Finding and Infrastructure-free Navigation

CHELMSFORD, MAAutoGuide Mobile Robots expands its Max N10 Modular Mobile Robot platform offering with the announcement of general availability for their new Pallet Stacker configuration. The product is configured with the latest attachment designed for the patent pending Max N10 modular mobile robot platform with Natural Features Navigation and is being offered now after successful field Beta testing.

Industrial manufacturers and distribution centers looking to boost performance and reduce costs are searching for LEAN rack or pallet handling solutions that are safe, proven, and reliable to: improve worker and product safety, reallocate precious labor resources to more value-add activities, and improve delivery throughput and consistency.

The Max N10 Pallet Stacker is an automated counterbalanced lift truck that can automatically pick and place pallets or racks from the floor level, trailer decks, conveyors, or racks up to 5 feet high…there are no outriggers to be in the way. Standard payload capacity is 1,770 lbs. (800 kg), with a high capacity version for up to 2,650 lbs. (1,200 kg).

With its smart pallet finding capability, the Max N10 pallet Stacker can pick pallets that have been displaced from their “last known” location. The vehicle sensors will identify the pallet, its location and orientation, and then dynamically re-plan a travel path for a successful pick. It can even pick a desired pallet from a stack of pallets.

The vehicle design is compliant to ANSI safety standards with non-contact collision avoidance for both forward and reverse travel. Under the supervision of the SurePath Fleet Controller, the optimum vehicle will be allocated to a transport task and its path will be dynamically planned to provide the fastest delivery. The vehicle will travel along a network of allowed paths throughout the facility. Operators can feel safe that the operation is predictable and repeatable. They can safely coexist with the industrial vehicles and never be surprised by the vehicle behavior.

“Customer reception of our Max N10 natural feature guided mobile robot platform in tugger and conveyor deck configuration has been tremendous…this latest addition to the product family leverages this success and offers pallet or rack handling, expanding the automated transport of materials within the facility.” said AutoGuide Mobile Robots President and CEO Rob Sullivan.

All of the Max N10 mobile robot products are made in the USA, and the modular design helps drive down costs and enable AutoGuide to offer the industry’s best lead-times.

AutoGuide Mobile Robots will be launching and demonstrating the Max N10 Pallet Stacker in concert with the Max N10 Tugger at the ProMat 2019 show at McCormick Place in Chicago on April 8th-11th. Attendees can visit the AutoGuide Mobile Robots Booth #S2059 to see the Max N10 products in action.

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About AutoGuide Mobile Robots
AutoGuide Mobile Robots designs, develops and manufactures high-payload industrial autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for assembly, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations across multiple industries. AutoGuide’s MAX-N System offers the industry’s most flexible, efficient, natural feature navigation AMRs with a growing number of high-payload adapters including tuggers, pallet stackers, and car movers. AutoGuide has a mobile robot R&D center located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, and a manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Kentucky. The company was acquired by Teradyne in November 2019. For more information, please visit