GEORGETOWN, Ky. - October 30, 2015

AutoGuide™ Introduces new Tunneling Autonomous Mobile Robot

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (Oct. 30, 2015) – AutoGuide has introduced the TV1000, a low-profile autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that tunnels under its loads to optimize assembly line processes and lean manufacturing. The state-of-the-art, computer-controlled TV1000 has a patent-pending, modular design that is the first of its kind.

The AutoGuide TV1000 transports materials through pickup and delivery routines. Its low profile allows it to tunnel under a cart, automatically hitch to it, and move it along a magnetic path.

“The technology and design of the TV1000 have already proven to be highly successful in world-class automotive manufacturing plants, and we’re eager to introduce those benefits to more companies,” said Scott McElmurray, vice president of AutoGuide. “It delivers immediate efficiencies and a quick return on investment.”

Modular Design

The TV1000 uses a modular design that includes several components. This flexibility allows for configurations that result in easier handling, more cost-efficient maintenance, and arrangements that can be switched to precisely fit specific needs.

The TV1000 follows programmable routes along a magnetic induction navigation system. The system has the ability to program RFID tags directly from the vehicle. It uses a 24-volt system with 28 AMP-hour batteries, with opportunity charging as a standard feature. The TV1000 has a weight capacity of 2000 kg.

Additional features can be found here.

The TV1000 is the newest breakthrough innovation from AutoGuide, already a premier provider of AMRs. As with other AutoGuide AMRs, the TV1000 will maximize safety, reduce costs and limit product damage. AMRs ensure precise process flow around the clock, 24/7.

American Made for Fast Delivery

AutoGuide builds the TV1000 in Georgetown, Ky., located in America’s manufacturing heartland. As a result, AutoGuide can deliver the TV1000 in weeks instead of months, and with more features standard, so that customers can start increasing productivity and grow their bottom line sooner.

About AutoGuide

AutoGuide, a Heartland Automation Solutions Company, is a premier provider of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that transport materials through pickup and delivery routines in a variety of facilities including material handling, manufacturing and distribution. AutoGuide is proud to be located in Georgetown, Ky., part of America’s manufacturing heartland. For more information, visit or call +1 (502) 868-7638.

About AutoGuide Mobile Robots
AutoGuide Mobile Robots designs, develops and manufactures high-payload industrial autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for assembly, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations across multiple industries. AutoGuide’s MAX-N System offers the industry’s most flexible, efficient, natural feature navigation AMRs with a growing number of high-payload adapters including tuggers, pallet stackers, and car movers. AutoGuide has a mobile robot R&D center located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, and a manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Kentucky. The company was acquired by Teradyne in November 2019. For more information, please visit