MAX N10 Platform

Meet the Max N10 Mobile Robot Platform with SurePath Natural Feature LiDAR Navigation – The MAX N10 moves loads with no tape, no RFID tags, no mirrors, and is available with custom trail frames for special handling requirements, including unit-load flat-deck, custom conveyor deck, and pallet stacker units.

Overview Video

Man-Aboard Tugger AGVs
Man-Aboard Tugger AGV - Stand Up Rider

Modular Design for Industrial Applications:

Standard Base module with application specific attachments

Fastest ROI, Best Cost-of-Ownership, Quickest Lead-times

Flexible & Scalable

  • Infrastructure-free SurePath guidance system uses no magnetic tape or RFID tags.

  • Hybrid operations with onboard driver platform

Accurate & Repeatable

  • Docking accuracy +/- 0.5 cm using Ultra-High Resolution LiDAR

  • Maximum Utilization with automatic opportunity charging

Maneuverable & Safe

  • Highest speed in the industry; Travels up to 4 miles per hour in autonomous mode

  • Non-contact collision avoidance system; ANSI Compliant; Full Load/Full Speed

Easily Deployed

  • Map the environment using the vehicle, Define stations and paths in SurePath

  • Onboard Operator GUI for local control, system status, and diagnostics

By installing two Mobile Robots from AutoGuide, OSRAM SYLVANIA was able to reassign four fork truck driver positions to more meaningful work within the plant, as well as reduce congestion on the facility floor.

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