Agile ASRS Drives Lean Operations

AutoGuide Mobile ASRS brings flexibility and efficiency
to storage and retrieval workflows.

Mobile ASRS Workflows

AutoGuide’s flexible, agile AMRs can do more than store and retrieve goods in a defined area of operation. By adding AMR innovation to traditional ASRS, AutoGuide Mobile ASRS brings autonomous efficiency to smaller footprints across your facility floor, from staging and buffering zones to lineside.

With Mobile ASRS, what used to be automated and heavy is now autonomous and light.

Bring autonomous efficiency to manual storage and retrieval

Add AutoGuide Mobile ASRS to increase safety and decrease errors for high bay operations

Facility details:
High bay warehouse
18,000 square feet
Moves hundreds of pallets per day
No previous ASRS installed 

AutoGuide solutions:
MAX-N High Bay
SurePath Enterprise 

  • Found it challenging—and expensive—to retain skilled high bay operators
  • Deployed an MVP version of Mobile ASRS to test results
  • Rollout included two MAX-N High Bays with SurePath Enterprise software
  • Manually driven tow trucks deliver incoming material to storage zones
  • AutoGuide MAX-N High Bays vehicles dispatched by SurePath transfers pallets from tow truck to racks per facility requirements  
  • SurePath Inventory Manager is decrease errors in both put away placement and product shipping

Supplement crane-based ASRS with flexible, Mobile ASRS to bring autonomous inventory management to more zones in your facility

Facility details:
Massive distribution center
3,000,000 square feet
Moves hundreds of thousands of pallets per day 

AutoGuide solutions:
MAX-N Pallet Stacker
MAX-N Tugger
MAX-N High Bay
SurePath Enterprise 

  • Managing increasingly high volumes of inventory
  • Traditional ASRS installation working well, seeking a solution for additional ASRS without waiting for more than a year 
  • AutoGuide Mobile ASRS can be deployed to work with existing racking systems and pallets in many areas of the facility 
  • SurePath Enterprise integrates with inventory management system and provides continuous, real-time inventory reconciliation
  • AutoGuide MAX-N Pallet Stackers load AutoGuide MAX-N Tuggers with newly arrived material in staging
  • MAX-N Tuggers, deployed instead of traditional conveyors, complete long-distance transport to storage zones at 4 mph, guided by SurePath along shortest travel routes 
  • AutoGuide MAX-N High Bay scans pallet LPNs and provides precision racking per facility-specific instructions, lifting material onto racks up to 36 feet tall

Deploy the industry’s only high bay AMR to collaborate with your MAX-N tuggers

Facility details:
Third-party logistics for e-commerce fulfillment
100,000 square feet
Moves thousands of pallets per day 

AutoGuide solutions:
MAX-N High Bay
SurePath Enterprise 

  • Already deployed MAX-N Tugger for autonomous long-haul tows
  • Add MAX-N High Bays to AMR fleet to extend autonomous efficiency to putaway and picking operations
  • Upgrading to SurePath Enterprise for Inventory Manager to track every pallet and reconcile all inventory 
  • MAX-N High Bay uses pallet sensing scanners to accurately find, store, and retrieve inventory 
  • MAX-N High Bay also dispatched as needed to retrieve fast-moving inventory in hot-pick zones or organize slow-movers in buffer zones
  • SurePath dynamically picks the fastest path for each job, avoiding obstacles and traffic jams 

Facility details:
Automotive manufacturing
200,000 square feet
Multi-stage manufacturing process with 8 assembly lines 

AutoGuide solutions:
MAX-N Pallet Stacker
MAX-N High Bay
SurePath Enterprise 

  • SurePath Inventory Manager keeps track of all raw materials to ensure right parts are delivered to the right place
  • Wireless call button at lineside allows employees to call for more raw materials at just the right time
  • MAX-N Pallet Stacker transports high-demand inventory from lower racks, up to 5 feet tall
  • MAX-N High Bay transports pallets to the line from racks up to 36 feet high

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