Meet your robot here, avoid a traffic jam there, charge up when this run is done.

Designed to save time at every turn

Three minutes faster, 30 times a day.
Efficiency improvements add up fast.

SurePath fleet control software orchestrates the movement of a full fleet of autonomous mobile robots. You identify the material movement tasks you want to automate and define a network of approved travel paths through your facility. Then SurePath takes over to manage day-to-day operations, constantly calculating and directing traffic to drive optimum efficiency.

SurePath software creates jobs for all pick and delivery activities, and develops an AMR dispatch plan based on order priorities. Traffic management features calculate the most efficient travel path for each job. If obstacles pop up along the journey, new routes are dynamically defined.

Features to fit your facility

SurePath fleet control software is available in two versions, including a robust version
for complex environments with multiple, collaborative robots at work.

SurePath: Manage automation of material movement operations with AutoGuide AMRs.

SurePath Enterprise: Total facility control software integrates with your WMS and MES applications
to provide single-point access plus command and control for a full fleet of specialty AMRs.

SurePath Fleet Control SoftwareSurePathSurePath Enterprise
Use existing onsite server and Wi-Fi network, no new infrastructure required
User-friendly, graphical interface
Organize, track, and optimize AutoGuide AMRs
Connect with existing order management application for faster fulfillment operations
Fleet management: schedule jobs, optimize AMR dispatching, and define charging opportunities between jobs
Traffic management: real-time traffic analysis and dynamic path planning
Optimize AMR allocations based on job parameters including priority, age, and time
Work cells enable PLC communications and customizable integration with third-party work cell controllers
Clients: multiple workflow UIs
Integrate with existing WMS or MES applications
Complete inventory management solution to track inventory levels and location to optimize storage and selection operations
Workflow manage: user-defined AMR workflow in graphical user interface
Controllers to manage collaborative, third-party AMRs

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