Reinventing ASRS

What used to be automated and heavy is now autonomous and light.

Light, Untethered ASRS

AutoGuide Mobile ASRS

AutoGuide’s Mobile Autonomous Storage and Retrieval System delivers a fluid, fast-moving alternative to traditional ASRS solutions. Get the inventory accuracy you need in storage and retrieval with AMRs that, guided by innovative software, have the flexibility to move throughout your facility. AutoGuide Mobile ASRS works with your existing racking system and pallets, offering accurate inventory control like traditional crane-based systems–at a fraction of the price and footprint.

With zero-change infrastructure requirements, you’ll rollout
in a matter of weeks, not months (or years)

ROI on the Fast Track

AutoGuide’s infrastructure-free deployment helps deliver industry-leading return on investment.

Traditional ASRS solutions involve complex, costly, proprietary infrastructure and long deployment times. AutoGuide Mobile ASRS can be deployed in weeks. You don’t have to touch your existing racking system, invest in new pallets, or set up a server. AutoGuide Mobile ASRS fits seamlessly into your facility and integrates easily with existing WMS, order management, and inventory management applications.

Inventory movement with no mistakes

Human error in inventory management is both common and costly. AutoGuide Mobile ASRS includes our exclusive SurePath Enterprise Inventory Manager with digital inventory control.

It keeps precise track of all inventory and every pallet throughout your facility, and eliminates human error in putaway, retrieval, and shipping processes—along with wasted time and fines. Inventory Manager can also manage your finished goods or WIP inventories, speed reconciliation, and perform daily cycle counting digitally.

Reduce risk for employees & product

High bay operations can be tricky and dangerous. Autonomous solutions increase efficiency while reducing the risk of employee injury and material damage.

Unlike traditional ASRS solutions, you don’t need a no-employee zone dedicated to storage and retrieval. AutoGuide AMRs safely share the facility floor. They exceed ANSI, CE, and OSHA safety standards, travel along a network of approved paths, and come equipped with advanced collision avoidance technologies.

Smart pallet recognition & navigation capabilities

Fine-tuned pallet sensing technologies make the AutoGuide MAX-N High Bay capable of identifying pallets and differentiating between pallets and racks.

Like all AutoGuide AMRs, our high bay vehicle uses high-resolution LiDAR and SLAM technologies for real-time facility mapping and obstacle detection even in low-light conditions—so you won’t need floor tape, RFID tags, or other cumbersome facility infrastructure.

SurePath orchestrates traffic & robotic collaboration

Smart fleet control software, SurePath Enterprise, directs all AMR traffic, defining the most efficient route for each job.

If an obstacle impedes the journey, a safe backup path is dynamically identified. SurePath can communicate with third-party robots as well, so you can schedule automatic robot-to-robot handoffs, such as a high bay delivery to a robotic palletizer arm.

Optimize storage based on facility requirements

By connecting to your WMS and inventory systems, SurePath Enterprise guides precise, by-the-book putaway of incoming materials.

Inventory may be placed higher or lower, nearby or end-of-aisle—all based on expiration dates, expected storage duration, and other variables defined by you to meet your unique facility requirements.

AutoGuide AMRs automate
operations from dock to stock

With AutoGuide MAX-N AMRs, you can build a flexible fleet that automates operations from receiving to shipping. Our MAX-N Pallet Stacker can load incoming material on a MAX-N Tugger for a long-haul tow to the storage racks, where a MAX-N High Bay can be dispatched for precision racking. We offer the industry’s only modular AMR, so you can choose from an array of adapters to convert a single vehicle to meet your seasonal needs and maximize uptime.

Wondering how Mobile ASRS might work in your facility? Review sample workflows to automate storage and retrieval.

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