MAX-N Tuggers

Tow loads up to 15,000 pounds with no tape,
no RFID tags, no additional infrastructure.

lean material handling

Automated industrial tow vehicles

AutoGuide MAX-N Tuggers are autonomous tow vehicles that transport a train of trailers from point to point.

AutoGuide’s autonomous tuggers are improving daily workflow and efficiency of operations at warehousing and manufacturing facilities across industries. We have installed more than 200 MAX-N Tuggers—each reducing costs, increasing flexibility, and delivering around-the-clock automation.

Deploy MAX-N Tuggers to automate repetitive and long-haul tows, freeing your employees to focus on troubleshooting and other value-add tasks.


  • Rugged, industrial-strength design
  • Built-in LiDAR for precision navigation, no floor tape or RFID tags required
  • Travel speeds up to 4 mph with full load
  • Wi-Fi connection to SurePath fleet control software for dynamic path planning that ensures efficient travel routes
  • Automatic opportunity charging for maximum availability
  • Onboard touchscreen for on-the-floor employee access
  • Safety features that help MAX-N Tuggers work right alongside your team

MAX-N Tugger
Payloads up to 15,000 lbs. (6,804 kg)

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