Designed to Be a Complete AMR System

Only AutoGuide builds AMRs from the first piece of steel to
the last screw, and from sensors to software, to safely
automate high-payload workflows.

built from the ground up to be an AMR

Engineered with Modular Designs and Innovative Features

AutoGuide designs and manufactures every custom part in our industrial AMRs. We stock all components at our facility, which means shorter lead times for our customers.

We collaborate with our customers on every phase
of the autonomous adoption process


AutoGuide sales engineers will study your facility to prioritize high-return automation opportunities. They’ll also help you develop a roadmap for increasingly autonomous operations.

AutoGuide will build a tailored AMR simulation for your facility. You’ll see how AutoGuide AMRs will work with existing equipment including automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), conveyors, sorters, and more. Before committing to a deployment plan, watch the simulated impact as you add or remove an AMR, automate a different task, alter a path, or change the number of pick-up and drop-off spots.

Design & manufacturing

AutoGuide designs and builds autonomous mobile robots for a range of material handling applications. Building—and stocking—our products in the US keeps lead times down and reduces costs for our customers. Through continuous investment, AutoGuide has one of the leading AMR research and development facilities in the world.

AutoGuide makes the only complete AMR system designed to work in sync and maximize vehicle uptime. Our MAX-N Base AMR can be a pallet stacker one day and a tugger the next. SurePath fleet control software oversees the movement of each AMR and sends real-time route-change requests when obstacles on the travel path threaten to slow operations. AutoGuide’s innovative, integrated system delivers industry-leading ROI times for customers.

Deployment & adoption

AutoGuide AMRs are engineered for easy programming and fast deployment, allowing you to get up-and-running quickly without deep robotics experience.

AutoGuide’s installation experts assist onsite to integrate SurePath fleet control software with existing WMS, MES, and order management systems. We’ll also help integrate with inventory management, conveyance systems, call buttons, third-party AMRs, and more as appropriate for your deployment.

We offer comprehensive training classes that include vehicle-specific operation and software programming, routing, and troubleshooting.

Support & maintenance

Free technical support is always just a phone call away. And, because all of our components are stocked in a single US location, parts are readily available as needed, which makes maintenance work faster and cheaper.

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