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MAX N10 Mobile Robot

MAX N10 Mobile Robots

How can mobile robots transform your business?

AutoGuide’s advanced automation solutions reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve workflow and material handling efficiencies for companies of all sizes, across nearly every industry.

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SurePath Fleet Control System

SurePath Fleet Control System provides companies the ability to manage, monitor, track, organize and ultimately, optimize, their fleet of cooperative mobile robots. SurePath connects to individual mobile robots using wireless communications, providing graphics-based displays of all mobile robots and their current status-mapped to the facility floor plan-in real-time.

MAX N10 Mobile Robot

Trusted by Leading Companies

Mercedes Benz

AutoGuide’s MAXN10 is highlighted by Toyota Alabama President, David Fernandes, for “transforming a difficult job into a simple automated task”.

See the full video at https://www.toyotadriverseat.com/team-members/executive-insider-david-fernandes.htm

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AutoGuide offered creative solutions to make sure that their AMRs would work in our plant. They were very hands-on and always had a quick reaction time for the requests we made. AutoGuide AMRs help us to be more competitive. Our decision to work with them has paid off in a good way.

OSRAM Mike McNulty Plant Manager

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