AutoGuide’s Max N10 mobile robot Featured in Toyota Exec Insider


AutoGuide’s Max N10 mobile robot is featured in this discussion with Toyota Alabama’s president David Fernandes.

Toyota Exec Insider

We are proud of AutoGuide’s Sara Palmer and the work she is doing with PLTW

She came to us with a great educational foundation that enabled her to positively impact AutoGuide Mobile Robots and grow her career at the same time.

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Benefits of Choosing AutoGuide AGVs

AutoGuide designs, manufactures and installs the most technically advanced AGVs with one goal in mind: surpassing customers’ expectations. For more than two decades, AutoGuide has provided maximum value to businesses in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations across multiple industries.


Think you can’t afford AGVS? Think again. AutoGuide’s ROI is one of the best in the industry, with paybacks as fast as 6 months. Also, AutoGuide doesn’t up-charge for basic features and uses standard parts on all vehicles.


AutoGuide is one of the only AGV companies to maintain a large inventory of vehicles in stock and ready to ship, as well as a full line of replacement parts, at its Georgetown, Kentucky plant.


By offering flexible navigation options such as magnetic induction and soon natural feature guidance technology, AutoGuide AGVs are easy to install and modify. Changing a path or adding more vehicles is never an issue.

Low Profile AGVs
Low Profile AGV - TV1000

Low Profile AGVs

Engineered to tunnel under load handling frames, AutoGuide’s low profile AGVs glide smoothly under a cart and automatically hitch via a programmable pin assembly. They then autonomously transport the load and unhitch before moving on to the next target. These compact AGVs use magnetic tape guidance to transport loads up to 4,400 pounds.


Low Maintenance


Man-Aboard Tugger AGVs

Man-Aboard Tugger AGVs

Ever wonder why there’s never a tug tractor around when you need one? Because AutoGuide’s tugger vehicles follow a pre-programmed, predictable path, you’ll always know where your AGVs are as they move critical work-in-process, deliver key components lineside on a just-in-time basis, or transport inventory to and from storage.




Man-Aboard Stand Up Tugger

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“AutoGuide offered creative solutions to make sure that their AGVs would work in our plant. They were very hands-on and always had a quick reaction time for the requests we made. AutoGuide AGVs help us to be more competitive. Our decision to work with them has paid off in a good way.”

Mike McNulty
Plant Manager